Build Your Schedule In Minutes

With labor costing, shift notifications, employee availability and much more, you could save hours each week.

Screenshot of Buzz Schedules App

Create Your Schedule

Build the perfect schedule with ease; drag & drop shifts, schedule breaks, copy from previous weeks and much more.

Share With Your Team

Invite your employees to view their shifts online and share the roster with them via email as you publish and update.

Visualize Your Coverage

Identify gaps in coverage throughout the day and ensure you meet customer demand by scheduling to your busiest times.

Control Labor Costs

View the cost of labor as you build out your schedule, helping you to control payroll expense and avoid costly overtime.

Screenshot of Buzz Schedules App

Manage Availability

Add your employee’s availability to help avoid conflicts and make accommodating schedule requests from your team a breeze.

POS Integration

Minimize admin by importing your locations and employees directly from Square. Don’t use Square? No problem, you can enter directly in the UI too.

Whatever your business, we've got you covered.

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