If you use Excel or Google Sheets to build your weekly schedule then you're not alone. Yet, many business owners and managers have discovered that online scheduling tools offer a better way.

Below I've highlighted 5 benefits you could unlock from switching to Buzz Schedules today.

5 reasons to ditch the spreadsheet and start using Buzz Schedules

1. Save Hours Every Week

Using spreadsheets to build the work schedule can take managers up to 8 hours each week. We give you the tools to help cut that down to as little as 15 minutes. That’s nearly a whole work day that you could spend doing something else.

2. Reduce Payroll Expenses

With labor costing, you can easily see how much each day’s shifts will cost you right as you build them. We’ll even notify you if you schedule above your overtime limit. That means there’ll be no more surprises when it comes to doing payroll.

3. Schedule To The Right Times

You know your business better than anyone, and that means you know it’s busy times, quiet times and everything between. The coverage graph gives you a visual representation of your schedule so you can see how many heads you have scheduled for each hour of the day. You'll never be short-staffed (or over-staffed) again.

4. Reduce No Shows and Late Employees

Once you’ve built the week’s schedule you can share it with your entire team in one click. No more fielding calls from employees asking when their next shift is. And since they always have access to the latest shifts, your employees will be less likely to turn up late, or not show up at all.

5. Increase Employee Satisfaction

With availability management you’ll know exactly when your employees are available, and more importantly, when they are not. That'll help you to avoid scheduling conflicts, reduce the number of shift changes and a result in a happier team.

About Buzz Schedules

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